Kypura ltd

Kypura Ltd is a Technology R&D company specializing in cutting edge hardware and software technology research, development, licensing and commercialization. We invest in, develop, incubate and commercialize novel and promising technologies, with a focus on the development and protection of the underlying intellectual property. Kypura is always in the lookout for partners interested in co-development, licensing or sale of novel technology ideas.

News Updates
Franklin Park, NJ, USA February 8, 2012

Kypura Ltd Launches Video Game Developer and Game Publisher Zyqued Inc.
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Venture Partners

Zyqued Inc

Zyqued is a New-Jersey based entertainment software company, founded in 2011. Zyqued develops and publishes games for the entire spectrum of interactive entertainment platforms, including PCs, traditional consoles, Macs, and mobile devices, including Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad, as well as Android-powered smartphones and tablets. Developing games for all genres, from shooters to strategy to action adventure to casual games, Zyqued has something for everyone.
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Zeenov Inc

Zeenov Agora is a scalable and high-performance video, audio, desktop sharing and data collaboration and communication platform that we offer as a service for hosting all your online meetings or that can be embedded into virtually any website or software application. Agora is the perfect solution for anyone hosting online meetings or anyone with a website who wants their user communities engaged in real time.
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